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The Intuitive Eating Fundamentals online course (a $3,000 value) contains 13 weeks of amazing content teaching you how to make peace with food, feel and honor your hunger and fullness, navigate emotional eating, ditch the diet mentality for good, exercise intuitively, and lots more! 

Many fellow clinicians have taken the course in order to better serve their clients and heal their own relationships with food. If you've ever had your own struggles with dieting and disordered eating, this course will help you put them to rest—so that you can show up more authentically for your clients. 

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The Food Psych Premium membership (a $47 value) contains the entire first season of Food Psych (now exclusively available to Premium members), plus all 18 episodes of our Ask Food Psych bonus series, where I answered listener questions about eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating, body-positive nutrition, and more. 

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This course has been life-changing for me!! It has completely opened my eyes and allowed me to let go of some of the last parts of my eating disorder that I didn’t even realize were still a part of me. I can’t say thank you enough times for this course and for all the work you do in this field!
— Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
LOVE this podcast, Christy!! I started listening to the episodes with you interviewing guests over their favorite meal—was totally hooked. Such a fresh perspective, entertaining and valuable content!! Truly a pioneer in the way that we respect our bodies and have loved listening to the show evolve each season. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!
— Food Psych podcast listener

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